Is weed bad for you?

The thing is that the sale and development of sprays would require the (shock horror) legalisation and licensing of cannabis. I know, it sounds scary and odd but it’s true.

Since Ron thought quit smoking has to be a fun and joyful journey, not a tragedy. Then perhaps weed can help you since it dissolves the self and enables you look at life with a different perspective. If you think that alcohol kills brain cells, you also need to consider that marijuana kills brain cells. We have so much benefits from it and the actual danger exist just due to the law and its implications.

Many 2,4-D products also contain dioxins, which are extremely carcinogenic like weed. Have some dark Coffee about a hour before exercise and your implementation can improve by 11-12%.

I was put on Trileptal, a costly anti-seizure drug. And you may throw all your science about this, but my logic says that plants which get their energy from sunlight (that red ball of fire which gives energy and life to our solar system), will be a lot more valuable for plants than artificial lights. You can purchase Champix from any of those enrolled online pharmacies and complete an online consultation with a certified physician.

Vertical gardening includes some of the numerous positive aspects, which the enthusiastic gardeners can take the benefit of. Earlier, homes used to have larger spaces and huge patios to cultivate beautiful flower beds.They also understand what worked and did not work when they were trying to stop. Not me. That means you can get lit together with your squad and still feel pretty amazing the following day.

Meanwhile, as with any medicinal or recreational drug, consider dangers in addition to benefits. My generation, the generation where I can not find a individual to go over books with, or have intelligent conversations with, without listening to their conversation of getting high.

Even though there isn’t much research on this, there is limited evidence of an association between cannabis use and strokes or the tripping of heart attacks. This is a fascinating study that increases the prospect of concern, but a lot more rigor is probably required before we can declare a possible powerful institution – or risk or gain for that matter.

Is Weed Bad For You? The Arguments For And Against Marijuana’s Supposed Health Risks

20 decades of research sheds an unflattering light on marijuana. Marijuana increases the heart rate, which happens during running and can make the experience harder. Anyone with heart problems who smokes marijuana and runs faces increased risk of heart attack.

Pot, like tobacco, may result in respiratory issues which make breathing difficult. Good breathing is an important part of running endurance. Marijuana is also an irritant, leading to sore throats, runny noses and coughing, which make running hard. Marijuana may also inhibit coordination and perception, which can be crucial for runners.

Wheat grass is a fantastic source of vitamins A, E and C. It’s also full of minerals, such as iron, magnesium and calcium. Like other green crops, wheat grass contains chlorophyll, which can be used in plants to make glucose from light. Chlorophyll’s antioxidant properties may help you by helping to decrease damage from carcinogens – such as cigarette smoking – helping prevent liver cancer and battling colon cancer, according to Columbia Health.

Dietary sources of chlorophyll, such as wheat grass, may have side effects, which may include diarrhea and discoloration of the tongue, feces or urine.The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish benefit your cardiovascular health, and they are natural anti inflammatory chemicals and play a role in brain function.

It implies some type of rigorous eating program that once done, will address all of your health issues and somehow miraculously permit you to resume former habits.

ECigarettes are marketed as safe and that’s a LIE.

Unfortunately, my entire life was about to get worse, a lot worse, and everything changed. . I am more functional with the indicators of my health issues. You know you can do it, but you really, really, REALLY do not want to. There are many men and women who have a miss conception that dining with meals arranged from outside are constantly unhygienic and not great for your health.

Do you know all of the ailments cannabis treats?Is Smoking Marijuana Bad For You?

Why? So THC and other cannabis-based drugs should be available as rigorously controlled substances, such as other drugs, and prescribed carefully to deal with specific health conditions, rather than generally advocated and made readily available to the general public so they can self-medicate every time they feel the urge. Along with the medical community must pursue the 2012 breakthrough made to “help those smoking marijuana for medical purposes” by which ” scientists have cultivated a cannabis plant which does not get people stoned”

Yet among the world’s top marijuana websites asks, Why? In other words, exposing their own concern for damaging people as only a ploy to normalize getting large, they ask, why would anybody want to offer medical marijuana that does not get you high? So don’t search for this brand stocked in the regional dispensary’s shelves.

Still though, irrespective of disinterest in the pro-pot lobby, the medical community should aggressively pursue these developments.Finally, smoking interferes with the body’s vascular system. Nicotine, the part of cigarette smoke that most of us are knowledgeable about, interrupts natural vascular function causing the small blood vessels which nourish the skin to constrict and decrease blood circulation to the skin.

The body finds out that the skin has become starved of the oxygen and nutrients being transported from the blood and sends a signal to compensate. It does this by expanding the current vessels and also growing new ones. This then contributes to an increase in facial flushing and a increase in the frequency and intensity of Rosacea flare ups.

The report also found limited evidence” of links between marijuana use and lots of other negative outcomes, including an increased risk of esophageal cancer, triggering a heart attack, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and pregnancy complications.

And it found “mild” to limited” evidence that marijuana use may worsen symptoms or risk for some mental health difficulties, including depressive disorders, bipolar disorder, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among heavier users, and anxiety disorders, particularly social anxiety disorder among frequent users.As you sink further into depression, you sometimes can not make yourself feel like you personally. . We’ve already looked at the organic connection between L-arginine and NO.

Nitric oxide researchers think that NO can fix up to 90 percent of penile dysfunction.” Leading NO researcher, Dr. Arthur Burnett, a Johns Hopkins urologist, said that NO is the chemical messenger that produces erections without NO there may be no natural erections.

Another significant review, released this month in exactly the same journal, estimated that the risk of developing psychosis doubles from about 7 in 1,000 for non-cannabis users to 14 in 1,000 among regular users.

I also suffer from chronic neck tension and pain caused by disc bulges due to a prior injury which exacerbates the headaches. Fill the jar to the top with boiling water and cover tightly. Did you know that humming spikes the nitric oxide on your nose and nasal cavities and. . No Thank you! I’ve been quit now for only 45 days following a decades and years long habit with ineffective stops earlier, but this time it’s different.

I now see all of the effects weed could have against being a conscious, mindful individual generally. I’ve suffered from bipolar depression most of my life and I thought I wanted the bud to help me deal. I have some bad days for sure, but all the items you mentioned are already evident to me. I used to believe I needed cannabis to inspire myself. I’m still tired easily, but I see that some of my chronic fatigue was the cannabis disappointed.

I am on the path to recovery and am discovering that I have more initiative to do what I want to do, even though I am quite depressed. I know this time is different because I am quite serious about it and after looking around at my friends and how their lives are going and/or their health, I do not think they understand how damaged they are and how their light is truly dimmed.

It’s important to not forget that your vet isn’t going to rat you out in case you bring your pet in for therapy. Your responsibility to your dog is to get them the very best medical attention possible by notifying your veterinarian if you think the dog consumed marijuana and in what form.

If weed isn’t understood (or recognized) as the offender, other toxins, or conditions like liver disease and seizure disorders, must be considered and analyzed for. And those tests are not affordable. It is far easier, less expensive, and safer for your dog if you’re honest with your vet. Nobody will judge you.

You have heard the buzz about hemp seeds, but you are not sure you want to add it to your diet due to random drug tests at work. Too small production of NO may influence memory. And this figure is an ongoing sleep. This mucous can also make us feel as though we’re about to throw up. To help Me succeed? 40 Although the prospect of a positive association between marijuana smoking and cancer can’t be ruled out, 41 the evidence suggests that the risk is reduced with marijuana compared to tobacco.

Similarly, . Now there a few approaches to take care of weeds, you can pull them out, which frequently requires you to crawl around on your hands and knees. This is the actual shit, as I am sure any seasoned stoner would concur.

“Anything that lights the plant on fire creates respiratory irritants,” says Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a professor and researcher at the State University of New York at Albany.

Studies show that people who smoke marijuana can suffer from respiratory problems, such as bronchitis, coughing and wheezing.

“We don’t advise people to smoke cannabis at all anymore,” says Werynski, who instead recommends using a vaporizer.

As a rich source of B vitamins, malt extract may increase the B-vitamin content of the drinks it is used in – including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate and vitamin B-6 and help cure the cravings for weed. Moreover, over watering newly planted grass seed may also result in seed rot if the water puddles and stays for long amounts of time.

Marijuana Side Effects | Short term and Long term effects of smoking weed

Depending on the quantity, quality and method of consumption, marijuana can produce a feeling of euphoria — or high — by stimulating brain cells to release the chemical dopamine. When smoked or otherwise inhaled, the feeling of euphoria is almost immediate. When ingested in food, it takes much longer, even hours, for the drug to signal the brain to release the dopamine, according to the National Institutes of Health.

This means that smoking weed while pregnant exposes your fetus to other dangerous substances besides weed. Knowing that marijuana recipients dropped, say, 3 points on the pain scale at a specific dose will help physicians to prescribe in a reasonable fashion and justify their prescriptions more. These changes are expressed as aging.

In 2006 the FDA approved a synthetic cannabinoid known as nabilone.

Normally, marijuana users tend to get into conflicts. Anxiety is a frequent complication of marijuana consumption because of its influence on the neurological system. This negative-feedback mechanism could explain why cannabis overdoses never appear to happen( R ).

In addition, he founded SelfDecode that has become a major platform for assessing genetics for health information… Pot, like all smoke, clings to clothing, hair, and upholstery.

Long term side effects of heavy and frequent marijuana use include lung disease, chronic cough , mucus, nasal congestion, lack of motivation, reduction in sexual desire , a couple of additional pounds, and possibly various types cancer But 1 study listed below reveals no connection between marijuana smoking and lung cancer.

CB2 receptors are also G-protein coupled receptors, and don’t mediate psychoactive effects of marijuana but rather behave mostly as it pertains to regulating the immune system, including immune cells in the brain including glial cells.

Additionally it is highly unlikely — although not impossible — to find a positive drug test result after consuming considerable quantities of shelled hemp seeds.

THC is the active ingredient found in marijuana.

Synchronized preimplantation embryo development and passage through the oviduct to the uterus are requirements for implantation, dysregulation of that frequently contributes to pregnancy failure in girls. A lot depends upon the surroundings, time of day, and the sort of marijuana used.

If you have ever smoked a joint or eaten a pot-laced brownie, you’re hardly alone: More than 1 in 3 people in the usa have tried marijuana at the same stage in their lives.

While research has yet to implicate marijuana smoking to lung cancer, studies have shown that smoking cannabis does cause harmful effects to the lungs as time passes, smoking marijuana may cause respiratory problems , including bronchitis, chronic cough, and airway inflammation.

The chance of damage to the lungs caused by smoking marijuana has shown to be much lower compared to pulmonary problems brought on by smoking tobacco cigarettes. Lots of the negative effects on the lungs recorded here, though minimal in marijuana users, can be prevented by picking a cannabis consumption method apart from smoking.Weed left-wing would not proclaim that suitable?!

Professional medical exploration indicates a shocking 20-percent around ninety five percent coronary heart rate rise…!!! Moreover, psychological abuse of the controlled drug has been recorded to put off a tucked away cognitive, damaging result to emerge inside numerous people today after intoxication and also abuse!!

Whenever discovering about the brain, scientists have observed that there is regions that comprise of a much much more dense quantity of microscopic cells that happen to be accountable for competencies such as recollection, cognition, and also delight.

The second thc is in these areas of the human brain, it causes a storm of responses in detectors well known in the biological and medical areas as “Cannabinoids”.

These cannabinoid sensors transpire within very much the very same areas of the microscopic cells inside the brain that function around facets like emotion, motivation and enjoyment.The benefits and dangers of marijuana for medical purposes haven’t been thoroughly reviewed by Health Canada, and individual products haven’t gone through an approval procedure.

When approving a drug, Health Canada reviews the signs to be sure the benefits of the drug outweigh the risks and unwanted side effects. Speak with your healthcare team if you’re thinking about using marijuana for medical purposes or other medications that contain cannabinoids.

There’s not enough information to understand how using marijuana will interact with medication and cancer therapies, such as chemotherapy.

Cannabis that’s contaminated with molds may also have a negative impact on your health. So as to rake in that sweet, sweet earnings they promised legalizing weed would get us, they will need to heavily tax the marketplace.

Quitters of marijuana had more trouble sleeping than tobacco quitters, however feelings of anger and stress were more pronounced when quitting tobacco. Whatever discomfort you might be experiencing will soon pass, so try and remember not to worry if you are experiencing medical cannabis side effects. Sometimes the body is too slow or doesn’t recognize the illness.

Several research studies show that marijuana is indeed an addictive chemical. This review seeks to determine whether heavy marijuana use in adolescence is associated with persistent neurocognitive abnormalities, and if teens are more vulnerable to the effect of chronic marijuana use than adults.

How Does This Affect You?

Most marijuana users like the drug’s ability to induce a feeling of euphoria, but it does not come without side effects. People who smoke marijuana can undergo a heart rate increase of 20 to 100 per cent for up to three hours following their dosage.

THC is a vasodilator, making causes blood vessels to expand and lowers blood pressure. To compensate for the reduced blood pressure, the center will often accelerate. Even though a small increase in heart rate is normal and shouldn’t lead to patients much distress, some people experience an intense increase that’s frightening and might place them at risk for a heart attack. This usually occurs in cases where the THC levels were too high or the patient had a preexisting heart condition.

The researchers couldn’t determine a particular reason why the laws resulted in an increase in disability claims. Medical marijuana could be better than other drugs at reducing symptoms of certain illnesses — but cannabis can include its own side-effects including lack of concentration, dizziness and headaches, among others. These side-effects could make people less capable of doing their tasks.

Also, the researchers said it’s plausible that use of marijuana at work or hangover” effects could increase the probability of work-related harm, which in turn could cause a disability claim. Some workers may also opt to claim these social insurance benefits as opposed to work if their use of medical marijuana hampers their productivity and reduces their salary.

Medical marijuana, also known as marinol (Dronabinol), is a synthetic form of marijuana. It comes in 2.5 mg, 5 mg, and 10 mg capsules and is used for treating poor appetite and food intake ( anorexia ) with weight loss in individuals with acquired immune deficiency syndrome ( AIDS ) and for the nausea and vomiting due to cancer chemotherapy in those who haven’t responded adequately to normal treatments for those indicators.

When used for appetite stimulation, marinol is usually dosed at 2.5 mg one or two times daily before dinner, lunch, or bedtime.

When it’s being prescribed to quell nausea, it’s generally prescribed at 5 mg, one to three hours prior to a chemotherapy treatment and every two to four weeks following chemotherapy, up to six doses every day. Disagreements and frustration over drug use can lead to family arguments and affect personal relationships. T

hen came Reefer Madness.

The impacts of long-term marijuana smoking on the risk of lung cancer are uncertain. There is no question that marijuana can stave off nausea, improve appetite, and help with sleep and pain. Do not take any other drugs known to cause drowsiness whilst using cannabis, like antidepressants, sedatives, antihistamines, anxiety medications, muscle relaxants and pain relievers.

This can make them more detached from family because of being sick from smoking marijuana. A variety of factors determine what is ingested when an individual uses marijuana. But this study also found that women were about two times as likely to display positive for marijuana use using a drug test than they say in self-reported measures.

Phillip Hague, the chief horticulturist in a Denver cannabis company named Mindful, sniffs the roots of a plant to check on their wellbeing.

While its use isn’t viewed as physically ergogenic, it’s believed to be used primarily because of the psychoactive effects of relieving anxiety and tension.  Chronic use can lower sperm count in men and cause irregular periods in females (solved if cannabis use ceases).

The impact can vary by person, how often they have used the drug, the strength of the drug and how often it has been since they have gotten high, among other factors.

Other effects, according to the NIH, include:

  • Feelings of panic, anxiety and fear (paranoia)
  • Hallucinations
  • Increased heart rate
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Decreased ability to perform tasks that require coordination
  • Decreased interest in completing tasks

When coming down from the high, users may feel depressed or extremely tired. While marijuana use produces a mellow experience (users are sometimes referred to as “stoners”) for some, it can heighten agitation, anxiety, insomnia and irritability, according to the NIH.

Furthermore, many patients have the additional trouble of growing resiliency to their other drugs that results in constantly having a higher dosage to get the same benefits and in addition, it raises the unpleasant side effects. In a number of these cases a medication can assist the body to overcome the disease.

Marijuana Anonymous Review: Does it help?

The dietary supplement N-acetylcysteine and compounds belonging to the FAAH inhibitors class of medication may decrease the symptoms of withdrawal from stopping the body from breaking down its own naturally occurring cannabinoids.I’ve heard of cigarette addicts but never have I heard of a bud or weed addict..honestly if bud destroyed your life it because you’re a failure and were gonna be a loser anyway. . From a Jungian perspective, ones “complexes” are being contested. People who benefit most from this program acknowledge and accept that bud controls their lives, and that only with the assistance of a higher power can they find the strength to recuperate.

Many people go to rehab because of marijuana, and this is often associated with other underlying problems, such as mental or emotional issues. While there is plenty of debate regarding the addictive nature of marijuana, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that about 17 percent of all rehab admissions are b/c of marijuana.

This is particularly relevant for teens, less than 40 percent of whom view marijuana as being harmful and as a result are increasingly likely to misuse it at a time when it can have a serious impact on their brain (see this infographic for more info: Teen Drug Abuse in the US).

Many people who use marijuana go to rehab, but sometimes their problems are bigger than just their drug use.

For example, some people believe they need pot to cope with a pre-existing mental condition such as:-

  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

If you use marijuana to self-medicate for a co-occurring condition, you need a rehab center that offers dual-diagnosis treatment.

This recovery plan combines elements of mental health care and substance abuse treatment to help you.

Marijuana users with co-occurring conditions who don’t get the help they need in rehab often relapse.

The Marijuana Anonymous 12-Step Program

The 12 steps of Marijuana Anonymous are very similar to the 12 steps recovery program used in Alcoholics Anonymous. In the first step of the Marijuana Anonymous program, marijuana addicts must acknowledge that they are powerless to quit using marijuana, and that marijuana consumption is problematic for them.

You may review the particulars of thirty day healing programs versus 60 or 90-day ones and be sure that the treatment program you pick will offer you or your family member all you will need to be successful.

That that was acceptable for men was considered “ugly” and perverted” for girls. Well, as an addiction recovery trainer, I’ve proven both of these hypothetical presumptions to be dead wrong!

This is common and, when you begin a new mind-altering medication, its wise to remain in touch with a medical doctor -either a GP (General Practitioner) or if you feel your GP is not answering your queries, then a psychiatrist or psychopharmacologist.

With origins in 31 states and 11 countries, MA meetings are hosted in person, over the telephone or online. It has nothing to do with will power since the material has complete control over your will.

Marijuana addiction is perhaps among the least accepted dependence in large part because so many of its users/fans have been at the so-called “enlightened” crowd and several of them get quite defensive when people point out a flaw with their drug of choice.

Behavioral and household based treatments are found to work for marijuana abuse and dependence. Including psychotherapists, counselors, social workers, or community peer advisors. The toughest times were when her sister, and her roommate, was smoking near her and she could not partake. He hasn’t made any new strides in a distinct positive direction. Few, if anyone, ever wants to experience that again.

Without question, cash problems are in the root of a significant number of marital crises. That’s excellent. From a 12-step standpoint, using marijuana recreationally is no different than using alcohol or other drugs.

Everything You Will Need To Know About Marijuana Anonymous

Individuals gather around a table neatly lined with brightly colored Marijuana Anonymous pamphlets at Our Meeting Place, 2585 E. Flamingo Road.

The feeling that you don’t like things except when you are stoned is because it is true -once you are addicted to a medication you will need the medication to feel “normal” and without it, nothing is perfect. The thing is that once addiction sets in, nothing is right even when using.

In some way or another, drugs -all of the recreational drugs, that is- stop functioning. What felt useful in the beginning stops functioning. So while you might have to use to feel normal, even then you are not really normal; you suffer from all of the symptoms you describe. Getting frustrated (and mad) is common with marijuana use -if you have not just smoked, you’ll be easily irritated as you mentioned.

Motivation fades away.

Well, I don’t believe you needed a medication to enable you to be introspective. It might have reduced anxiety and/or prejudices you picked up along the way but I do not believe you input any particular plane of consciousness. This led in your ability to find clarity of thought amongst the cacophony of life.

Your balance is out of phase when centers of the brain have been jeopardized by canabanoids. It’s said that the more you practice something the better you’ll become – for better or for worse. This is an important concept that many overlook.Jeez this man has no backbone. this is a habit not an addiction. Even though he did smoke I bet he could do another 11months simple… when he started crying because he couldn’t smoke bud I couldnt take this doc seriously… and about the part when he relapsed he bought $60 worth of marijuana??? really???

That’s plenty of weed to get high off of for a little while. He might have spent $5 and obtained high as after not smoking for a year since his tolerance would have been SHOT. But no he has to purchase a few weeks worth of marijuana and be stoned out of his thoughts….ludicrous…The chemicals used to cook meth create toxic fumes, vapors, and clogs.

Youth were sampled from Canada in two studies but the rest was sampled in America from a total of 11 countries (two studies had sampled multiple nations; regarding the most widespread states, five studies were performed in California, three in Illinois, and three in Pennsylvania). This guy doesnt look healthy… he should concentrate on his addictions to other things in his life like poor food and a sedentary lifestyle (like most people are addicted to) instead of blaming a plant due to his or her problems.

Through a series of different view points, including pro-legalization urges and former marijuana smokers that have entered into recovery, MASCA attempts to present a thorough view on a problem that many don’t understand is a mounting outbreak.

Furthermore, surprising new data reveal that legalization does not necessarily increase consumption. While legal marijuana use increased 11 percent in Colorado between 2013 and 2015, it decreased by 12 percent during that same period in Washington.

Kilmer pointed out dependency will not automatically rise proportionally with ingestion, either, because legalization will alter the potency and kinds of products available.

Addictive personality types experience negative emotions more intensely than non-addictive types. But people who naturally have problems finding joy in everyday tasks have a tendency to produce addictions to mood lifts that guarantee a fast high like a amphetamines, sex or gambling.

Nervous sorts of people, on the other hand, more frequently get hooked on depressants like alcohol, marijuana or benzodiazepines, the investigators discovered.He is not villainizing weed, he’s villainizing himself! Im an addict, nearly sober 4 decades, we do not villainize the medication at our meetings/support groups(that is all they’re a group of like-minded folks trying to help eachother be happy/functional.)

If anything we villainize ourselves, because we(our sick souls) threw our possible lives off, once the vast majority of the world doesn’t do that. . .so we meet up to help each other with our melancholy and make sure we’re productive. That’s it. He said, “I think weed is a gorgeous drug, that needs to be legalized. I just messed it up because I’m addict and could not use it correctly.” I completely agree with that.

He/we(regaining addicts/addicts) are not attempting to villainize the drug/drink, we’re only trying to prevent our broken brains/hearts from fcking up our lives..and we do villainize ourselves/addicts. .but we reallly try not too/don’t need to, as forgiveness, understanding, humbleness and empathy is vital to our happiness.

Fear of the unknown, fear due to paranoia, fear of failure and fear of relapse. I’ve found it helpful to research. . Drug dependence is a chronic brain disorder which causes someone to become compulsive to seeking and using drugs. I had just taken this route because I liked working out and I did not know what else to do. So after it was over, I soon had to face what I was able to avoid. . H&I responsibilities often overlap those of the Public Information subcommittee.

On a personal note, Suzanne has been married since 1966, has three grown daughters, and is a grandmother. Your inability to stop using a substance that’s not physically addictive is a personal problem, not an addiction. Defective drugs can pose a significant danger to your life, putting your health and wellbeing in peril. Marijuana Anonymous adopts the identical 12-step program made famous by Alcoholics Anonymous.

In the last few decades, as dependency researchers have been mapping out the chemical alterations in the brain brought on by alcohol, nicotine, methamphetamine, and other medications,

America’s most popular illegal drug has remained largely a scientific puzzle.

Dude, PLEASE tell me you’re kidding.

You made an entire documentary bashing bud and labeling it as addictive when you said the answer you have been searching for in those few sentences. You’re the issue, not weed. You’re just a pitiful person man, end of story.

If this was a documentary based on a material that’s known to have addictive properties because of altering brain chemistry, then you’d have my condolences. Anything and everything could be produced addictive, I can not believe most people can not figure that one out for themselves, very good riddance.Next, to Leanne, I believe that the best route is to be supportive and provide help.

Perhaps take your son to AA or MA meetings, to find a professional, or simply speak with a former addict. I can speak from experience that ignoring the issue is a terrible thing to do.

When my mom found me smoking weed back when I was a teen, she didn’t provide help, actually she kicked me out the house. Even after making amends she ignored my drug problem like the rest of my loved ones. If I’d have received counselling or treatment or diagnosis for depression, things might have been different.

Bottomline on Marijuana Anonymous

The intense withdrawal feelings that begin to surface may feel overwhelming and intense. I believe that the reason weed addiction does not appear to hold water is because (correct me if I am wrong please) there are not the physical withdrawal symptoms that you see with the harder drugs.

Seeing talks like this help me overcome that issue since I could identify with other people’s experience. It’s a habit formed when folks believe they’re addicted.

The latest statistics in the TASC program reveal that of 2,591 individuals referred to TASC from July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015, 77 percent were for marijuana crimes.

However, some people do not jibe with 12 step programs.

You might be one of them. This is not to say 12 step programs are wrong, they’re just not right for me.

If you’ve spent any time on this site, you know that I promote the Quit Weed Program because it helped a lot of people to successfully conquer their weed habit. At the same time, I realize that not everyone is going to be able to relate to the same method that helped me, which is why I list other resources to quit weed.

Those who start smoking marijuana before 17 years old appear to be over three times more likely to attempt suicide than those who never use the material or do this after age 17. That risk goes another way also, in that men and women who develop depression or have thoughts of suicide before age 17 appear to be at a higher chance of developing an addiction to marijuana.

12 Steps Program for quitting Marijuana and Rehab

Description: Marijuana Anonymous is a fellowship of women and men who share our experience, strength, and hope with each other that we can solve our common problem and help others to recover from marijuana addiction.

I know some do not believe in the disease theory, but in my 16 and years in the chambers of 12 step fellowships I’ve seen it happen enough that I feel it.

This Program Can Really Help You. The three most commonly used scales are known as “hand scales” for the simplicity and ease of use when in somebody’s hand, a “digi” since it’s a digital scale, and a “tri-beam” that identifies a triple beam balance (feel like a high school chemistry set). Will I pass? Alcoholics Anonymous has called a cult frequently. While choices like SMART Recovery or LifeRing do exist, they are not nearly as available as AA — and they surely are not built into professional therapy programs in precisely the identical manner as the 12 steps for Marijuana.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) in its National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services from 2013, 12-Step versions are used, at least sometimes, by roughly 74 percent of treatment centres.

I was worried I would not be “allowed” to work the 12-steps. Sometimes, people can find a bit obsessed with the lone solution for their own lives being AA.

But this is not true for everybody. People of all walks of this earth is seen inside all these different fellowships. The only way your shoulder will cure is if you stick with the program and are consistent with your efforts. Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are the top three most commonly used drugs in the nation.

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using marijuana.In this practice of seeking assistance for a loved one, they might feel a desire to reach out to other men and women that are going through exactly the exact same experience of dealing with someone else’s drug and alcohol difficulties.

The overwhelming, compulsive, uncontrollable use of drugs is a fundamental element in the life of an addict. The AA method was adopted as the foundation of other twelve-step programs like Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Crystal Meth Anonymous, and Marijuana Anonymous.

Some have written books and dedicated complete websites to the concept that twelve stepping is merely a bait-and-switch program; come to stop your addiction, but remain to join our church. Schrank’s unconventional strategy has put him at odds with lots of members of the recovery community.

12 Steps Of Marijuana Anonymous

Marijuana Anonymous is a fellowship of women and men who share our experience, strength, and hope with each other that we may solve our common problem and help others to recover from marijuana addiction.

It plays a prominent role in the design and execution of 12-Step-based programs in two major ways: (1) It fosters relationships with the local treatment centers, and (2) its philosophy, methods, and materials are officially integrated into the therapy activities (Gallant, 1988). Practically speaking, some 12-Step-based therapy programs are led by personal physicians or connected with a hospital, whereas others, frequently led by mental health professionals, are “self-standing.”

Although generally characterized as aftercare, 12-Step-based programs are adequate treatment for millions of individuals, young and old, around the world.Twelve-step programs have long been an important part of the recovery process and the foundation for many recovery programs. Developed over 65 years ago by a small group of alcoholics, the marijuana rehab program offers simple tools for living according to a set of religious principles and a dependence on the fellowship of women and men who share their expertise and give support as part of a lifelong process of retrieval.

A therapeutic community offering medically assisted detox, appraisal, counselling, skills development and group treatment for a day program or a residential treatment program for folks that use drugs and are having addiction difficulties.

Support can be provided to families to re-connect with their family member.

The program is closely aligned to the 12 step programs. Note: This is an overview and star rating of the supplier’s website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of the services.The next Twelve-Step Programs are active in the Santa Cruz Area.

Access to literature, meeting directory for Australia, online meetings and forum. Caters to Indigenous guys but open to others. Whether or not a treatment center sticks with the first 12 steps and traditions or not, the treatment model itself has been shown to work.

If smoking Marijuana is where you are at now, that is fine. That is right in line with what sounds self-evident; folks are more inclined to stay with a program that affirms their present beliefs or is in accord with their present interests. It had been changed to SMART Recovery as it jumped from Rational Recovery in 1994.

Twelve-step programs can be particularly beneficial for teens that are struggling with addiction or who are on the path to becoming addicted to weed, but they are more useful if they’re adapted to the specific needs of adolescents, according to an expert on adolescent addiction.

Many rehabs believe it’s good to do a mixture of both in-house and external meetings to help customers develop an understanding of 12-step classes in addition to help them build confidence in being a part of their group from the outside world.

The 12 steps of Marijuana Anonymous are extremely much like the 12 steps recovery program used in Alcoholics Anonymous

In step one of the Marijuana Anonymous program, marijuana addicts should acknowledge they’re powerless to stop using marijuana, which marijuana consumption is problematic for them.

This is a really tough step for many marijuana addicts as a result of common misbelief that you can not really be addicted to marijuana. Addiction is usually characterized by Marijuana Anonymous as a compulsion to engage in a behaviour, such as smoking, that interferes with the use of daily life.

The next step is for somebody to ask God for help in overcoming addiction, and the next step is to turn the person’s will over to God.Thus far, so good, I thought. These theories made sense and were useful tools in learning how to beat addiction.

It was only when our counselor informed us that each enthusiast was suffering from an incurable disease which I started to question the program. He promised us that no enthusiast could ever be treated and that our only hope was in learning how to manage our disease. According to the counselor, the response involved attending lifelong 12 Step meetings and finding a host to watch over us.

We would also have to rid ourselves of old drinking buddies rather than attend any social gathering where alcohol was being consumed. We were advised that once an addict, always an addict. We were quite simply too weak and brittle to fend for ourselves.

Pills Anonymous is a fellowship of individuals recovering from prescription drug addiction based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. There are no membership fees or dues. They aren’t allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization, or institution.

The following is a list of available twelve step programs and contact info. Another variant comes in the fact that some people are uncomfortable with this specific, spiritual characteristics of this 12-Step program. As stated above, and as evident by the measures themselves, the 12-Step version originated from a Christian viewpoint.

Those that aren’t Christian have modified the actions to refer to their particular spiritual or religious training as a way to connect more with the construction of their 12-Step program. Moreover, a range of non-religious 12-Step classes have altered the measures to match a secular model which can help those that are agnostic or atheist clinic the program without feeling forced to adhere to a faith they do not believe in.

As addicts, we were stuck in a Lotus Land; we forgot our mission; we forgot the other experiences that awaited us we forgot about moving home.I’ve watched my mom & my 39 year old brother take their last breath. This is the type of thing that cognitive behavioral therapy tries to do: It teaches someone how to resist drugs and alcohol when offered, the way to manage difficult life events without resorting to medication, the way to handle stigma about dependence , and on and on.

It basically teaches the individual how to develop the attitudes and behaviors that might be necessary to resist relapse. S

elf-empowering, science-based, face-to-face and internet support groups for recovery from addiction to substances and behaviours.


Marijuana Anonymous is one of many 12-step recovery programs modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous.

Marijuana Anonymous is an independent organization that uses Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, the Alcoholics Anonymous text. The 12 steps help empower participants to break the cycle of addiction and start a healthy recovery journey.

Crystal Meth Anonymous is also a fellowship of people for whom all medications, especially crystal meth, are becoming a problem. It takes the user from the current, offers them the identical escape from reality to which they became hooked.

New members receive the assistance of a group sponsor who has been sober for at least a year, and this accountability is one of the primary reasons why marijuana abusers choose the network.

However, some people do not jibe with 12 step programs.

You might be one of them. This is not to say 12 step programs are wrong, they’re just not right for me.

If you’ve spent any time on this site, you know that I promote the Quit Weed Program because it helped a lot of people to successfully conquer their weed habit. At the same time, I realize that not everyone is going to be able to relate to the same method that helped me, which is why I list other resources to quit weed.

As I come across new resources that I think may be helpful to different readers of this blog, I will let you know about it. This brings me to the newest thing I’ve come across. Who knows, this one just may be the thing you needed. It’s called…

How to stop smoking weed | How to quit marijuana for good – A comprehensive guide

Lots of men and women are deciding, for a variety of reasons, that they need to give up smoking weed. I lost my mother after I graduated and began smoking HEAVY merely to keep my sanity and to get a appetite but I am literally sick of this shit it’s taken over my life all I do is smoke and work I don’t see family or friends much it is all about marijuana for me.

But I am two days in and refuse to return yea I have a few headaches and I am wanting to smoke because I am tired but I am determined and will begin working out and finding a hobby or something but the most important thing I will do is PRAY.

“Is a learning resource for people who wish to enhance their lives by taking away the chains of marijuana dependence. Found cannabis helped prevent the urge to drink.” -A 69-year-old commercial fisherman.

If you put on weight once you quit smoking weed, avoid crash diets as these can further decrease your metabolism. Willpower is the means of finding strength within yourself. Dual-diagnosis experience. Malnutrition inhibits the body’s ability to clean up secondary infections.

Due to the gorgeous sensations associated with burning hashish, they will become dependent on it. I have a weak I used Viagra at first it was okay,now sometimes it’s not working,I just get a weak erection.

A within-subjects ABAC crossover study in which inpatient volunteers smoked cannabis ad-libitum (A), also abstained from cannabis (B/C).

Since there is less of a physical element of the withdrawal, it’s only recently that the medical establishment has acknowledged a marijuana withdrawal syndrome is present.

An effective form of punishment would be to take your child’s weekly allowance, for example.

There isn’t any drugs to treat THC addictions. He talked about the many adventures he had and that he was worried that a brief stay in rehab would not offer him the chance to find any type of relaxation or relief. You’ve flushed or given away your stash.

For men and women that find that they’re really struggling to take care of withdrawal symptoms or additional substance abuse, the best alternative may be to go to rehab.

Marijuana users might need to overcome temptations to go back to the medication during the withdrawal period. Having a comprehensive system which will make sure you stay on course is a excellent idea. You should do something which involves exercise as those feel good endorphins will need to be released.

The Three Best Ways To Quit Smoking Pot

A great deal of Americans do not understand how hard it can be to stop smoking marijuana, either because they do not think that it’s addictive or because they believe it to be a “minor medication.” Both of these reasons are in fact part of the problem which makes it so hard – but not impossible – to stop.

Yes, you are very clever, never a question. You’ve learned the normal therapeutic knowledge and procedures … no different than what I have experienced – and life was not working for me … kind of like memorizing the guide to ride a bike and getting on it and placing that intellectual group of advice to use – not – the application/experience is entirely different.

You have not been willing to perform the job – does not make you wrong or bad – it means your survival mechanisms do their job.

Cannabis withdrawal syndrome may occur when someone who has used marijuana heavily for a lengthy time period suddenly stops using. The symptoms typically appear within a week of cessation and feature a selection of unpleasant effects.

Withdrawal symptoms develop as a consequence of physical dependence on the medication. Whenever someone uses marijuana consistently for a protracted period, the body adapts to the presence of the chemical and might become desensitized to certain neurotransmitters in the brain, including its own naturally occurring endogenous cannabinoid (endocannabinoid).

Many withdrawal symptoms from bud can be treated at home. Oftentimes, it’s only a matter of changing a few of your patterns and habits. As an example, to help alleviate anxiety and sleeplessness, remove caffeine and try to remain as relaxed as you can.

Relaxation methods, such as breathing exercises or even a regular exercise regimen could be useful for this.

Headaches can be treated with over-the-counter pain drugs, and nausea may be treated with over-the-counter stomach medicine. Similarly, irritability or restlessness may be treated using consciousness practices like meditation.

Individuals who reach out, find support and join the herd of regaining stoners stand a better chance of keeping an herb-free lifestyle. Avoiding smoking and secondhand smoke can help stop your asthma attacks and wheezing from becoming worse.

Taking this type of activity is one of the best first steps of beating the weed habit. By entering your email address you are also requesting and agreeing to subscribe to additional email communications.

A step-by-step, guided online program like Quit Weed Today that will demonstrate how you can cleanse your body & mind from marijuana whilst offering a serene weed withdrawal.

2. Smokers cough. This treatment is used with individuals who lack a motivation to stop using marijuana.

3. Practice thought stopping and cravings

Work towards it. Will you reduce the amount you use each day until then? By how much? Setting yourself goals with manageable tasks will make quitting far more achievable than just winging it.

A good quitting weed program can really help fill this gap.

There are people who have been weed smokers for 28 years, and the only thing that helped them quit smoking weed FOR GOOD was this simple low cost online course.

Smoking marijuana can be just as unhealthy and addictive as smoking cigarettes, according to National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Substance Abuse and Mental Health – 6 Habits Of Individuals Who Have Successfully Stop Weed

Most scientists agree there are particular advantages to smoking marijuana , such as relieving pain , anxiety, and PTSD But chronic smoking has adverse repercussions also, like a reduction in dopamine levels in the brain. However, as my life got more mature and more complex, my connection with pot intensified.

I began self-medicating  and although I had no doubt my problem was enormous, everywhere I turned I found reason to justify my usage, if it was a medical-cannabis study online, a pro-pot op-ed at the New York Times or still another blunts-cure-all conversation with another user. For the worried stoner who suspects he or she’s in too deep, there is never a dearth of external encouragement to continue being a loser.

Stopping smoking is notoriously difficult precisely due to the addictive nature of nicotine, which, besides dopamine, affects other neurotransmitter systems in the brain. Only 25 percent of people successfully stop smoking without relapsing for at least one year, states the Tobacco Truth website.

Among the few medications that’s been proven to be effective in increasing the success rate is Bupropion, a compound that slightly increases the amount of dopamine in the brain. Using this method, researchers argue that the brain no longer requires the dopamine due to smoking, and smokers experience fewer cravings, according to the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program.

If you are attempting to stop weed, consult your doctor for advice. Before that moment, I was making some small tweaks to my life for the sake of my mental health. I began seeing a therapist, exercising regularly, and getting acupuncture. The day after I smoked myself ill, I happened to get an appointment to the latter.

Once I sat in the waiting area for a while, my acupuncturist, Max, came out of reception to greet me. We exchanged pleasantries and he asked me if I had been enjoying the weather, which was sunny and warm for a couple of days despite it being winter.

I said yes, and joked about how I’d spent the day before shrouded in darkness and was making up for lost time. I then got serious, and the words kind of just fell from my mouth: “I really like weed… But I believe I want to stop?” As I said it, I scared myself.Sometimes these occur months after you really quit smoking weed.

In case you have repeatedly failed to give up the habit of smoking weed then you definitely want to be within an in-patient narcotics rehabilitation center to get treated. Sit back, relax and revel in this sample from “Morning Gratitude“.

By how much? You will find some microsleep probably, you may simply not notice dozing off because sleep is so mild. Do you understand how detrimental the publicity is to your career? We’re goal oriented, achievement oriented and growth oriented. The recovery process doesn’t finish as the remedy is. .

As soon as you commit to completely quitting, you will have to control your urges.

In a recent article in The New England Journal of Medicine. . Time, support and patience are the most effective means of tackling withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking weed.

Should you hang around with friends who smoke marijuana, find others to do things with who are not using it.

Proven Methods I used to beat marijuana dependence in 30 days without withdrawal symptoms.

Stress, anxiety or paranoia can develop during marijuana intoxication. There can be intense feelings which cause the individual to exaggerate thoughts. Sometimes, someone might think of things that bring attention.

However, other times the feelings may trigger negative ideas that the individual has done something wrong or cause a distrust of people. Heavy marijuana use may exacerbate psychological difficulties, such as depression and anxiety, or cause them.

Marijuana may be utilised as a self-medication to ease problems, but might have the opposite effect of intensifying them.So this being said it’s possible to stop smoking marijuana without discomfort cravings or relapses and you aren’t fighting a compound need but a psychological requirement that may be overcome with willpower.

Although this may sound simple it can obviously be a good deal harder in practice as the habit can run quite deep particularly for people who have smoked for ages.

Quitting can be accompanied by anxiety and depression as you learn how to live life without the constant smoking that could appear soothing and reassuring but just because it was part of your regular routine.

The trick for some people is to find something to replace this dependence, obviously another dependence but something creative and satisfying. Something which makes you happy without an intense high you might attempt to move onto as an alternate.”Legalize it, do not criticize it,” sang Peter Tosh several decades ago.

You will need to make it as hard as possible to smoke.

This is defined as a reading of 140/90 mmHg or above. I stayed away from marijuna use for one month but must return to it since the redrawal symptoms were too heavy to endure without medical aid. Someone once said old age is like a bank account. The awareness program looks at a range of components that revolve. . They are generally called acid, blotter, and blooter acid, dots, pane, and zen. They generally react on the brain for about 12 hours within a period 30 minutes of administration.

Blood pressure increased significantly during times of cannabis abstinence compared with periods of cannabis use.

User reviews, comments and suggestions

Review 1

I know how you feel I was a chronic daily smoker for about 9 years. I haven’t smoked in almost 11 months which may not seem like a big deal but for me it is since I never thought I would be able to stop smoking.

The thing about weed is that (at least for me) it is psychologically addictive. I was addicted to the ritual of it, the smell, and the immediate sense of peace and euphoria that came when I hit the bowl. I tried many times to “cut down” or “reduce” my smoking. I would go for 2 weeks without getting high and then reward myself by getting high because I did so well! I would attempt to set limits on my smoking (I’m only going to smoke on the weekends….I’m only going to smoke at night…okay now I’m only going to smoke after work and then at night…and once when I wake up in the morning…etc). The truth is if you are truly psychologically and emotionally addicted to marijuana like I was you CANNOT control your use. Sorry, you just can’t. If you have ever been to an AA or NA meeting it is the same concept that they talk about there.

When I finally decided to stop 11 months ago I made the commitment to not smoke. I wrote down a list of all the negative consequences of my habit including

-lack of motivation

-poor memory

-isolating tendencies

-blunted emotions

-constantly feeling like I was in a haze

-a gross living environment

-sense of guilt/shame at not being able to cut down

Some practical steps I have taken to avoid smoking include:

telling my friends that I am no longer smoking (I know…this one is HARD especially since 90% of my friends are still pot heads…however if they are truly your friends they will respect your boundaries…ask them not to smoke around you at least in the beginning…if it really is an issue you might have to not see them for a while)
remembering what I felt like when I was getting high everyday. This is important. Because there will be times when you say to yourself “ah…it’s been 4 months..I really want to get high! It will be different this time…it’s only weed.” No. it will not be different. When I have cravings to smoke, which still happen, I remember what my life was like. I remember how unhappy I was, I think of all the failed attempts at controlling my use. I remember the time I went 6 whole months without smoking! And then I got high. And then I continued to get high every day for the next 3 months.
get rid of your weed and your paraphernalia
download a sobriety counter app on your phone. There is a marijuana anonymous app you can download that has a sobriety date counter as well as a lot of useful information and tools…
speaking of MA, consider going to meetings. There is a marijuana anonymous fellowship. There are not a lot around so there are also phone meetings that happen daily (you can find them on the app.) You can also go to AA or NA..a drug is a drug is a drug.
Know that just because you are addicted to weed doesn’t make you weak or any “less than” people with “real addictions” and fuck anyone who tries to tell you that.
Create new habits that will make you feel good. Start exercising, meditating, cooking, eating healthy, or anything else that is going to give you a sense of happiness and wellbeing
stay in today. “just for today.” Don’t think about how you are going to manage not smoking for the next 10 years. Think about not smoking today.

I hope this helps. Just know that you are not alone and you can do it!

Review 2

When you are addicted, you are possessed by an outside force (energy) literally. The addiction feeds that force. Your addictive thoughts are not you. It is that force. There is nothing personally that you CAN do to heal your addiction. You are not the one in control. That is why it feels impossible to stop. All addictions have a life (a beginning, a middle and an end). There is nothing you can do to speed it along. Be patient. Your soul has chosen this path to walk. There is much about yourself to be learnt. Observe yourself as if you are out of body. Listen to your addictive thoughts as they bombard you a thousand times a day. This outside force is not too original when you begin to understand its manipulative and repeatitive ways. It injects addictive thoughts into your ‘head’ so you will succumb and addict. The shame and guilt you feel afterwards is high voltage energetic food for it to recharge its batteries. Basically it is an energetic parasite living off the energies produced by your addictive turmoil or mind trash.

This force is known by many names. Echkart Tolle calls it the pain body, the Bible calls it the devil, spirituality calls it the dark or negative force.

Addictions are teaching humanity to understand that we are not our thoughts and that there does exist many energetic unseen entities that have the ability to sabotage our thoughts.

Good luck. Please don’t judge what you are doing. There is always a divine reason for everything that happens. Be cool with it.

God is in control, not you. Trust his wisdom.

Review 3

Others have given you great advice on the reasons behind why you might want to stop, I’ll give you some practical advice:

Step 1

Buy a Ksafe:

The Time Lock Safe

Step 2

Pick one day of the week, and organise events and activities where you are out of the house from the morning all the way through to the evening as close to bed time as possible. In the morning, put your weed in that safe and time lock it for 24 hours so the safe does not open. Congrats – you’ve done one day not smoking weed!

Step 3

Do Step 2 for another couple of weeks and you’ll have 1 weed-free day per week and you’ll remember what it’s like to not be stoned and think to yourself “it’s not that bad”.

Now try to have 2 weed free days per week. I recommend not doing two days in a row, so for example you may want to choose a Monday and a Friday. Stick with this for another few weeks and then try to increase to 3 days per week etc.

Step 4

Repeat until you’re happy with your levels of smoking. Should take 3 months or so.

The main thing about this method is that you are making progress each week and will therefore find it easier as you go along.


Editor’s note:- We recommend Quit weed program as the best comprehensive plan for quitting weed for good.

Review 4

I’m prefacing this by stating this is my opinion and my set of suggestions. This is suggestive only. You can take what you want from what I say and leave the rest:

I quit smoking pot 29 years ago and never picked up another joint again. Marijuana was my drug of choice and I used every single day from 18 to 31 yrs old. I could bong hit anyone I knew under the table – and I’m a woman. I also quit doing any drugs, pills, and drinking alcohol at the same time. I didn’t realize I had a problem with substances – I had started thinking I was just mentally ill or something. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I had preconceived notions of what it meant to be an addict and I knew that didn’t fit me, so I kept going forward on “automatic pothead woman pilot.”

Finally I got into rehab. I realized that I was mainly using marijuana, but I had to quit all substances and alcohol. Frankly, it was such a relief to find out I wasn’t flat out crazy that I gladly stepped up to go into Alcoholics Anonymous. Narcotics Anonymous has a lot of hard drug addicts and I didn’t feel as comfortable in those meetings. I started going to AA meetings and really felt at home. I immediately changed my attitude, realizing I was the one who needed to change. I needed to change my attitude, my actions, and my way of thinking. I threw myself into the program 100%.

When in rehab I heard a statistic. They said that of everyone who tries to get sober today, only 6% will still be sober 10 years from now. Other people might have gotten discouraged by that, but I looked around the room and I thought, “By God, I HAVE to be in that 6%. My entire future and the future of my child is relying on my being in that 6%.”

I stayed away from my old “friends,” ie, the people I used with. Do not go around anyone who smokes pot.
I went to AA meetings for 90 meetings in 90 days straight. Sounds impossible, but it was the perfect way to get immersed in the program.
I made up my mind that NOTHING was going to push me over that line. I was quitting everything mind altering and it was a permanent decision. I was going to do it one day, one hour, sometimes one minute at a time – but I was going to do this for the rest of my life.
I read the Big Book of AA from front to cover and got a sponsor in the program. A sponsor is a mentor specifically for the program.
I worked The Twelve Steps with my sponsor and continued to go to a number of meetings every week.
I stayed out of any relationships for the first year, which actually turned into 2 years. Unlike people who get sober and then move in with someone when they are 30 days sober, I waited and wound up madly in love with the man of my dreams, frankly. I met him at an AA dance 27 yrs ago.
I made up my mind that no matter what happened, I wasn’t going to use. I didn’t care if I was happy, sad, up, down, mean, sweet or in a bad mood. I wasn’t going to go back out no matter who died, who was born, if I had a man, if I was lonely and had no man, if I was horny, angry, had money or was flat broke – I was going to do it all sober. I don’t care if I run down the middle of the road screaming in the middle of the night – I’m going to do it sober. Meh – I have done all of the above and rutted out the driveway hauling out of there mad at my husband, in the early days of our marriage, but I did that sober. I also had to go back and apologize for my bad attitude quite a few times before I grew up and stopped acting like a child – all done sober.
Choose a sponsor who has what you want. Lets say you want to be a highly successful business person – get a sponsor who is a highly successful business person. If you want to be married and have children, find a sponsor who has a long, happy marriage and good relationship with his/her spouse and is a good parent.
Be willing to listen. Go sit in the meeting and just listen to what they have to say and be open minded and willing to stay sober.
Pray. Even if you don’t believe in God – that’s okay – pray anyway. It will make you feel better and stronger in your attempt to stay sober.
Stick with the winners. Hang around with the people who have mega years of sobriety.
Don’t be a chicken. I double-dog dare you to stay sober for one year.

The UN conducted a study about 1 1/2 years ago and found that the US has 5% of the world’s population – and 80% of the world’s substance abusers. We have about 70 million people in the US with a problem involving substance abuse. That includes 22 million heroin addicts, 50 million with a pot problem, 60 million alcoholics, 250 million prescriptions written yearly for anti-depressants alone, 259 million prescriptions written yearly for painkillers. Think about it – a large percentage of Americans are walking around all messed up on something. There really isn’t anything so bad about reality.

Living your life in reality is wonderful – it really is – and you’re so much better able to handle the ups and downs of a regular life. I know for myself that I don’t want to die someday having lived my life in a haze. I’m taking this thing on with all of my faculties. It’s a decision you make on your own – nobody can force you. By the way, AA is the only truly democratic society in the world. There is only one requirement for membership: A desire to stop drinking. So you can fit right in at AA by simply wanting to stay sober, including alcohol.

I’m assuming you are in the United States, but perhaps you are not. There is AA in every country around the world, I believe. If you are outside of the US, look online and type in “Alcoholics Anonymous meetings” and the name of your town. Nobody has to know you are going to the meetings. You can secretly begin to get well. Good luck. You can do this.

Review 5

One thing you must understand is that you are feeling a few emotions about stopping. The first is anxiety. To solve this: understand that your stopping for a day will not be the end all. You can do it. There dare others but we don’t know each other and I am not wanting to sound judgmental.

Step 1) Go on and finish what you have, or gift it to those around you. Weed is not highly addictive. If anything it is more habitual.

Step 2) Buy some CBD. If it has been done with THC there is a CBD version as well. This will help you recover from the extremely minor withdrawals.

Step 3) Use the CBD during the times in which you might have smoked. It will not get you high but there is CBD receptors and they bind to one that THC does.

Step 4) Do this for as long as possible, or for a month.

A note on THC withdrawals: the biggest concern is irritability and insomnia. Keep in mind that perhaps a coffee would help with the attitude, and some generic sleep-aid at night.

You say you have been smoking for 3 years. My suggestion is to try and keep these steps up for 3 months. Think of the money you will save once you don’t even need CBD anymore, that will happen at about day 3. Set this money aside for some investing or personal debt.